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Insurance Agents, Brokers, Agency Owners, Producers and Professionals:

Don’t Miss This Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Attend Masterclasses With 25+ of the World’s Best Agents, Brokers and Thought Leaders as They Share Their Secrets For Building a Better Business

Insurance Agents, Brokers, Agency Owners, Producers and Professionals:

Don’t Miss This Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Attend Masterclasses With 25+ of the World’s Best Agents, Brokers and Thought Leaders as They Share Their Secrets for Building a Better Business

Join Us from the Comfort of Your Home or Office on October 23 - 27

Get Your Complimentary Ticket  ($997 Value)

Get Your Complimentary Ticket  

($997 Value)

Most useful business resource in 16 years

“I’ve been an agent for 16 years and never found a business resource as useful as the Insurance Agent Summit!”

Rodney Stewart, SBCS
Agency Owner - Tristar Insurance Services, LLC

Incredible. Best insurance meeting ever

“Incredible. I don’t know where to start. Too many things to list here. Best insurance meeting ever.”

Charles Anzalone, CEO
CEO, First State Agency

Here is a sneak peek at what you will learn by claiming
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to the Insurance Agent Summit…

This isn’t going to be one of those events with all the hype and none of the substance, far from it.

We are going to have our speakers “open up the kimono” and get intimate about what is REALLY helping them and their agencies and firms, and how they do it no matter what market forces we’re in or competitive territories.

Our Masterclasses will give you insightful, step-by-step strategies for…

Generating More Quality Leads – How you can use the latest in online and offline marketing to put your marketing on autopilot so new commercial and personal lines opportunities come to you pre-educated and at a constant flow.

Hiring Top Talent – Agents who become the authority in their networks have much greater leverage than those who don’t. Find out how to build instant credibility and authority for yourself and grow your business.

Automation and System Processes – Automation, hiring, outsourcing, systems and processes and technology are just a few of things we’ll be discussing that can help you build a lifestyle business that is within reach.

And Much More...

2017 Schedule of Event… Claim your ticket Now!

Day 1 – Monday, October 23rd 

What One of The Fastest Growing Agencies in America is Doing to Continue It’s Incredible Growth

Chris Paradiso speaks at agencies, association events and at insurance companies around the world about the success he is having within his own agency.

How you can use social media and a consistent referral strategy to explode his agency growth.

Why companies with mobile apps are beating local insurance agents and how and why every agent should be using theirs.

Why your agency brand is the most important piece of everything you do, from marketing to company culture, and how to start creating yours today.

Generating Consistent Facebook Leads Even If You Have No Marketing Budget

Michael McCormick and Taylor Dobbie are the preeminent leaders of the Insurance Industry with regards to social media marketing and automation and have been leading the conversation and the push for change in our Industry.

The exact strategy, process and script commercial producers can use to generate qualified leads of their ideal prospect.

When to post and how to post on Facebook for optimal engagement and lead generation.

The powerful little tool they use to find their ideal client opportunities.

Take the Guesswork Out of Your Agencies Next Hire

Robin Eichert founded her consulting practice, PeopleSense Consulting, in 2001. She helps business leaders put the right people in the right job and manage them effectively.

The scientifically developed tools that can help you find better hires.

Why you should use a combination of intuition and data to make better hiring decisions.

The right time to give a new hire a personality assessment because it’s only truly effective at the right time.

6 Pillars to Jaw Dropping Retention - Make an Unforgettable Impression and Improve Your Retention

Brian Nate is a family man, researcher, observer, investigator and implementer of all things value that can be applied to help fellow insurance agents and owners so they can literally swipe what’s working now.

The one call you have to make to every new client to ensure they stay with you longer and buy more of your products.

Why policy review needs to be a standard for every client in your agency and how to do it the right way.

The exact automated email sequence and what to send to significantly improve your agency retention and cross selling.

How to Use Facebook Advertising to Generate Leads and Engage with Prospects and Clients

Steve Anderson is a seasoned business and technology veteran speaking nationally at places like SAFECO, AAA, Nationwide, as well as small and midsize engagements.

The power of “Targeting” & “Audiences”. How to find your ideal prospect and get in front of them at buying times (like getting married and buying new car).

The 2 types of ads you can run on Facebook and why one is much more powerful than the other.

Why you shouldn't sell insurance in your ads and the strategy you should use instead.

Day 2 – Tuesday October 24th 

The Producers Improvement Cycle

Roger Sitkins is one of the most well respected and sought after consultants and coaches in the insurance industry.

The 4 Parts of the Producer Improvement Cycle and why you need all 4 parts for the greatest success.

How to better qualify your ideal prospects and get paid for advice (most agents are giving it away for free!).

How one agency improved conversion ratio from 32% to 42% (a 33% increase) and took their close ratio to 92%, and how you can do the same.

Creating Strong Referral Sources Through Motivating Your Team

Patty Lares is the Founder of AA Lares Insurance Services, Inc. headquartered in Orange, CA.

Hear her inspiring story about moving out on her own at 16, having her first child at 18, and going on to become a successful agency owner for 17 years.

The elements of the successful referral program her team has used since they first opened to get 45 referrals a month.

What to do if your business has plateaued so you can increase growth year over year.

Why Agency Owners Need to Treat Hiring Like Shark Tank

Tom Baker’s specialty is working with agency owners to win the battle for top talent by implementing Catalyst’s performance based compensation system, Symphony.

The single most important shift owners need to make when adding new staff.

Why owners shouldn’t interview every person responding to an ad or job posting.

Where you can find top talent, and one place you would never guess.

How to Generate 150 Warm Leads a Week From Hundreds of Committed Referral Partners

At 26 years of age, Zack Gould & Matt Naimoli started G&N Insurance from scratch.

The exact strategy they used to go from zero to hundreds of referral partners sending them more than 150 warm leads a week.

Why the 80/20 rule of getting your best referrals is crucial to your success and how they use it.

The step by step process they use for success during and after referral partner meetings to lock them in.

Market Domination in the Modern Era: How to Reach and Win Today's Fast Changing Customer

Michael Jans is the Founder of Agency Revolution and an investor in 'insurtech for agents & brokers.'

Why today's consumer doesn't act like they did before. Learn how they are changing.

How agents need to know about and be concerned about in today’s fast changing world.

Strategically how can today's agent succeed going has something to do with Customer Lifetime Value.

Day 3 – Wednesday October 25th 

Don’t Leave Easy Free Money On The Table - Lost Souls And Unconverted Leads

Russ Lowry is the owner Oklahoma Insurance Group, an independent agency in Norman, Ok.

Tom Wiecek is the owner of Paramount Insurance Agency located in Highpoint, NC and is a partner of Ultimate Agency Network which provides marketing tools for insurance agents including Agency Command.

How they built a automated system that brings in an average of 6 new clients a month, and as many as 12, and how you can do the same.

The exact email copy and process you can steal and use for yourself to bring back lost soles and unconverted leads.

How you can take out 90% of the work of setting up an automated process so you can stop leaving free money on the table.

The Importance of a Referral Strategy & System to Get More Sales

Thomas Gay is a life-long business owner and entrepreneur having started 7 companies, building two to over $80 million in sales.

The exact process for building centers of influence that can be your go to referral source.

The one key step you should be taking to get referred.

How to find the best referral sources and how often to contact them.

How To Create a Great Customer Experience Sales Process

Kelly Donahue-Piro is the founder and president of Agency Performance Partners.

Why you can lose a prospect if you don’t get back to them in 60 seconds and what to do about it.

The actual number of follow ups you should be doing with a prospect to get them to become a client.

The exact process you can use for closing prospects over the phone.

Principles You Can Use to Become a High Level Connectors

Brent Kelly is an executive coach, trainer and speaker with The Sitkins Network. He has a passion for helping insurance agencies maximize their performance and become a category of one in their marketplace.

The one thing all great connectors get that most other people don’t.

The skills you need to build to become a high-level communicator and connector.

The 5 ways you can become more proactive in your communication.

How To Get What You Want From People In Your Organization And Life

Brandie Hinen is known throughout the industry for getting shit done. She is a master implementer owner of Powerhouse learning.

The 5 simple little words that will clarify everything in your life, and how to use them.

How to change the accountability challenge with your employees and producers.

The exact process you can use to always get what you want from prospects, companies, and others.

The Rules of Being An Amazing Agent Networker

Michael Goldberg has helped thousands of insurance agents and financial advisors generate hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What you can do today to build a network that brings you leads and referrals, even if you have no experience in networking or a current network.

How to start any networking conversation and ensure it’s always a successful one.

The biggest mistakes agents make when it comes to networking and how you can avoid them.

Day 4 – Thursday October 26th 

How to Position Yourself As An Advisor With Your Ideal Prospects

Jeremy S. DeMerchant, aka The Sales Strategist, is an #1 best-selling author, international speaker, and founder of Permission To Sell Consulting Group.

The 3 questions you must ask to position yourself as an advisor and win the business.

Why the questions he asks go against traditional sales call strategy.

How to win the unwinnable prospect...taking someone who is negative and having a bad day to being your ideal prospect.

The Mindset Necessary to Double Your Insurance Sales in the Next 12 Months

John Chapin has over 29 years of extensive sales and sales management experience.

How you can get yourself motivated to go out and knock on the doors and make the calls necessary to significantly increase sales day in and day out.

The most important aspects of having a great sales mindset to get more sales than you ever have before.

What you need to do to ensure you’re mentally equipped to do what’s necessary to double your sales in 12 months.

How to 10X Your Insurance Sales - Building a Game Plan to Win The Inner & Outer Game

Annette Bau is a strategist and advisor to the top 1-2% of Millionaires. She has extensively advised affluent women, professionals and entrepreneurs.

Why the “Internal Game” is the missing piece for most agents and their success.

What your Worth Barometer is and how it affects your insurance sales.

How to build a Game Plan to 10X your insurance sales.

How to Get a 90% Hit Ratio & 97% Retention Ratio by Better Qualifying Your Buyer

At 29, Phil Beakes co-founded his first agency. The growth strategy was hiring, training, and developing young Producers to which Phil became an expert.

Learn the exact process he’s used to get a 90% hit ratio and 97% retention ratio for the agencies he works with.

The categories all buyers fall into and why you need to understand all of them to be successful.

The simple 3 skills needed to ensure you are never used again in the quoting and closing process.

5 Simple Ways to Boost Retention With Video

Mike Demko is the Founder and CEO of My Insurance Videos. He’s a nationally known expert on Digital Marketing and of course Video marketing.

Why agents should use video to boost retention.

What some guidelines or best practices are for each type of video.

How you can create a referral program with video.

Day 5 – Friday October 27th 

How to Build a $10 Million P&C agency in 5 years

Dr. Billy Williams is President of Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring – experts at helping insurance agencies and other small businesses to double or triple their current sales and retention numbers.

The 7 main triggers that cause people to shop for insurance and why it’s critical to understand them for your selling success.

The 9 core methods of marketing an insurance agency and the 5 main insurance prospects to sell to.

Why building a Business Referral Partner network the most important off-line marketing tool.

How You Can Engage 100% of Your Marketplace in 100% of the Ways for Maximum Profit

Mike Stromsoe is widely recognized as the leading author, speaker and coach for the Independent Insurance Agency Industry.

How he went from $0 in his marketing and 0 team members to running one of the most profitable agencies in the industry.

Why “blanket marketing” doesn’t need different marketing strategies for different markets.

How you can create real sustained success in today’s ever changing marketplace and world.

Debunking the Myths - Why Insurance Agencies Should Use Virtual Assistants

Melissa Smith is The PVA (The Personal Virtual Assistant). She owns a firm that matches clients with the right virtual assistants based on communication strategy and ideal client fit.

What types are Virtual Assistants are available and which are best for Insurance Agencies.

How Virtual Assistants like to get paid so you don’t lose money.

The exact process you can use on LinkedIn to find the perfect Virtual Assistant for your agency.

Impact of the Internet of Things, AI, Drones, Telematics, and Other Emerging Trends on Insurance Agent Distribution

Ron Berg is the Executive Director of ACT, The Agents council for technology

Why understanding and responding to the Customer Experience so crucial to our distribution channel.

The barriers agents often face in utilizing new technology and how to overcome them.

How you can work with your carrier and vendor partners to prepare and provide response for your customers.

10 Reasons Why Mobile Is Vital To Your Agency’s Future

In 2012, Matt Aaron’s company developed the "Insurance Agent App" - the premier mobile application for insurance agencies & brokerages.

Why the consumer of today has changed to expect mobile in all that they do.

The difference between mobile-optimized and mobile-responsive.

Why mobile going to alter the world of insurance.

Discover Strategies From Our World Class Speakers

Chris Paradiso

Top Industry Owner,
Speaker & Thought Leader

Roger Sitkins

Nations #1 Agency
Results Coach

Michael Jans

Leading Expert In Agency
Automation Marketing

Annette Bau

Coaches Top 1% of Millionaires

Russ Lowry

Agency Owner
& Automation Specialist

Tom Wiecek

Agency Owner
& Automation Specialist

Brent Kelly

Top Coach on Agency Leadership

Tom Baker

Authority on Hiring & Motivating Team Members

Jeremy DeMerchant

The Sales Strategist

Melissa Smith

The Personal Virtual Assistant

Matt Naimoli & Zach Gould

Built $20MM in Premium Agency in 7 years

Michael Goldberg

The Networking Guru

Robin Eichert

Leader in Hiring & Assessments

Ron Berg

Executive Director of ACT

Brandie Hinen

Master of Agency Implementation

Michael McCormick

The Social Media Rockstar

Brian Nate

Insurance Marketing & Retention Specialist

Patty Lares

Founder of AA Lares Insurance Services, Inc

John Chapin

29 years of Extensive Sales Management Experience

Phil Beakes

Expert in developing Young Producers

Mike Demko

Video Marketing Expert

Matt Aaron

Agency Mobile Apps

Thomas Gay

Top Referral Strategist

Taylor Dobbie

Largest Facebook Group
for Agents

Dr. Billy Williams

Built $10MM Agency
in 5 Years

Steve Anderson

The Authority on Insurance

Kelly Donahue-Piro

Dynamic Public Speaker
and Consultant

Mike Stromsoe

Author of Unstoppable
Profit Producer

Get Front Row Access to 25+ Expert
Trainings and Masterclasses

From The Industries Highest Performing and Earning Agency Owners, Producers, Coaches and Thought Leaders Showing You How To Significantly Grow Your Practice Now…

And The Best Part Is You Can Get Access For Free (For A Limited Time).

The Largest Insurance Agent Conference Starts Soon…

Here Is Why You Should Attend
The Insurance Agency Summit

No ‘Pitch Fest’ Guarantee – This isn’t a pitch fest where each speaker dangles a carrot and then you have to buy a program in order to ‘get the goods’. Each of our world class speakers will be delivering value from the first minute on the virtual stage. If they’re not on this lineup, they didn’t make the cut.

#1 – Get A Direct Path To Success
By Discovering From Our World
Renowned Experts

The fastest and most effective way to success, and cash, is to follow those who have gone before you and copy what they are already doing. By doing so you will almost completely remove your learning curve and save yourself time, money and a lot of wasted energy in the processes.

We promise our speakers will “open the vault” and take you behind the scenes in these training sessions to show you what’s working for them and other insurance agents and brokers.

#2 – Free For a Limited Time
(Take Advantage Now!)

Most conferences cost you thousands of dollars for airline tickets, travel, food and hotel fees. If you were to hire just one of these experts for a one hour consultation, you would be paying thousands of dollars for their time.

You will get the benefit of their expertise for FREE, from the comfort of your own home or office when you sign-up today!

#3 – Video Based Trainings And

No boring talking head videos that are full of theory and no tactics. These training sessions are real, direct, and chalked full of actionable advice you can use immediately to explode your production levels and take your life to the next level.

Why Is This Online Conference Different?

#1 – Get More High Quality Leads

Attract, convert and retain dream clients by using the same tactics our panel of industry leaders have applied to increase the quantity AND the quality of leads in their agency. Having the right kind of leads will increase your return on every minute worked and dollar you spend.

#2 – Case Studies You Can Replicate

The trainings give you action steps that come from real-world agencies and situations. Experts provide you specific examples of how they have applied what they teach to make it easy for you to replicate. This is your opportunity to look under the hood and stock up on winning recipes designed to make your profits go up.

#3 – It’s The Biggest Online Insurance Event In History!

If you are at all interested in taking your business and life to another level (more time off, more money, more freedom), this FREE online event is a no-brainer. We expect at least 10,000 insurance agents, brokers, and owners or more from around the world to pack in and learn from the biggest names in business and insurance.

#4 – Strategies Directly from The Best Agents And Business Coaches In The World

We will be doing workshops with a once in a lifetime group of speakers from across the industry and the greatest minds from around the world in personal development and business coaching – many who exclusively work with agents, brokers and owners.

#5 – Attend From The Comfort of Your Home Or Office

No flights, no travel, and no expensive tickets to this conference. We promise a pitch free zone and guarantee to over-deliver on the value you’ll get out of this event.

#6 – Mobile Device Capability

You can attend the trainings from any computer, tablet or smartphone throughout the summit. By signing up for the VIP All-Access Pass you will also get written training summaries and audio files to listen to the trainings at the gym, in your commute or wherever you like!

Great interviews with the industry’s top thought leaders.

“Wow! Brian has done a fantastic job of lining up great interviews with the industry’s top thought leaders who share their best. Each interview is filled with nuggets of info that you can implement into your own operations and catapult to the next level!”

Andrea Blair
President – Blair Insurance Brokers

Amazing! It all has an impact. It's just what I need.

“Thanks for all the information. It’s amazing what you put together. I’m just scratching the surface getting to all the videos. It all has an impact. It is just what I need. Thank you.”

Bill Abbott, CIC
Owner – Abbott Insurance Agency

Get Front Row Access to 25+ Expert
Trainings and Masterclasses

From The Industries Highest Performing and Earning Agency Owners, Producers, Coaches and Thought Leaders Showing You How To Significantly Grow Your Practice Now…

And The Best Part Is You Can Get Access For Free (For A Limited Time).

The Largest Insurance Agent Conference Starts Soon…

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this event a good fit for me?

If you find yourself in one of the following categories, this event is a good fit for you:

The Young Agent or Broker: If you’re a young agent or broker who is looking to take their skills to the next level this is the perfect event for you. You’ll learn from countless years of experience along with the best and brightest Insurance Agents, Brokers, Agency Owners, Producers and Professionals from today, ensuring you will have a long and prosperous career in this industry.

The Mature Agent or Broker: Whether you feel like you’re peaking and are struggling to find a way to break through to the ceiling or you love to continually improve and outpace your competition we’ll have training sessions that will show you strategies sure to help you take your game to the next level.

The Owner: Any owner worth their salt will tell you to really grow your business you need to work ON your business more than you should be IN it. Every one of our world class speakers has grown a successful business and has done what most others dream of. They are going to show you the tools and processes they use to help them grow year after year.

The Marketing Organization: Regardless of the products you represent, you know the importance of staying up to date on the latest trends in sales, marketing, strategy and mindset in our industry. This event will bring all the leading experts and top producers on one platform so you and your team can get the insights you need to remain competitive.

The Industry Professional: Whether you work for an company, association, publication or are just one of the many professionals who work in this industry, this event is for you. You’ll learn have a much better understanding of the advisors you are working with.

Where is this event located?

Wherever you are! Because this is an online event, there is no physical venue and no travel expenses. You can watch anywhere with an internet connection from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

How do I watch the live sessions?

Once you claim your free ticket, you’ll receive a confirmation email that you have been registered for the event. If you do not receive the email please notify us at and we will work to find your registration. You will also want to check your spam folder as some companies have advanced firewalls that can sometimes stop automatic emails from coming through. Once the event starts we will then send you daily email notifications letting you know when training sessions are released for you to view. If you purchase the All-Access pass you can watch all of the interviews in our members only area as soon as you receive your login information.

I can’t attend all the live sessions. Will I get a recording?

Yes, the recording for each session will be available for 24 hours following the session. Watch it anytime at your convenience during those 24 hours. You can also purchase a VIP ALL ACCESS PASS and get lifetime access to all the interviews and bonuses.

About the Summit Host

Brian Appleton: He is the host and creator of the Insurance Agent Summit, the insurance industry’s largest online event for insurance agents, and he is the co-author of the bestselling book, Customer Service is Just Foreplay: The Modern Customer Experience Will Separate You Apart From Your Competition.

Brian writes, speaks and consults about a number of topics such as sales, marketing, strategic growth, technology and more.

Our Industry Partners

Get Front Row Access to 25+ Expert
Trainings and Masterclasses

From The Industries Highest Performing and Earning Agency Owners, Producers, Coaches and Thought Leaders Showing You How To Significantly Grow Your Practice Now…

And The Best Part Is You Can Get Access For Free (For A Limited Time).

The Largest Insurance Agent Conference Starts Soon…

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